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Welcome! Two brand new Brazilian albums top our New Releases section: Michel Nirenberg's Retrato/Portrait and Sambeleza's Sambeleza Live! We have all the details plus sample tracks from those albums and 92 others, including these recent additions: Antonio Adolfo's Tema; Nicole's Raízes/Roots, Hamilton de Holanda's World of Pixinguinha; and Phill Fest's That's What She Says. We've also added a new album to our Beyond Brazil section. It's jazz guitarist and singer Perry Beekman's S'Wonderful: Perry Beekman Sings and Plays Gershwin. You can listen to a sample track from his album and read all about it. Other albums recently added to that section include jazz flutist Mark Weinstein's In Jerusalem; the Latin album Rumberos a Montón by Nils Fischer & Timbazo; Steve John's Family, Edsel Gómez's Road to Udaipur; and Dawan Muhammad's Consider the Source, bringing that section's total to 90 albums—nearly all with sample tracks. Finally, the latest additions to our Audio Archives section are Trio Mocotó's Beleza! Beleza!! Beleza!!! and Aura Tropical, the eponymous debut album by the São Paulo band. Our Audio Archives section now holds extended features on 140 Brazilian albums, plus interviews, memorial tributes, and much more. Be sure to check it out. Thanks for stopping by. We hope you'll take a few minutes to try the various sections of this website (you can always return to this page by clicking on our logo at the top of every page). Once again, if you like what you find here, please tell your friends about it. Thanks!

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January 15, 2014 – The innovative band Fato from Curitiba, Paraná, is celebrating its Grupo Fato in recording studio. 20th anniversary with the release of the group's seventh album later this year. Keyboardist and vocalist Grace Torres sent us a sneak preview of the release. Produced by Pedro Luís, the new album (yet to be named) features guest appearances by vocalists... Read more

Here are earlier sneak previews of new albums by:
Hamilton de Holanda & Yamandú Costa
Jon Gold
André Vasconcellos
Joe Carter
Luiz Simas
Harvey Wainapel

April 24, 2013 – As the author of 14 books whose work is anthologized Rodrigo Garcia Lopes. Rodrigo Garcia Lopes
in several countries, Rodrigo Garcia Lopes has received acclaim as a scholar, poet and translator. But he's not so well known as a singer-songwriter. With the release of his second album, Canções do Estúdio Realidade, he has emerged as an artist deserving worldwide recognition for his music... Read more

Here's another of our Discovery Artists:
Rubens Figueiredo

Remembering Tom Jobim
Dec. 8, 2011 – Antonio Carlos Jobim, the beloved composer whose name comes to mind Tom Jobim. first when people speak of Brazilian music, died on December 8, 1994. Here's our short biographical sketch of Tom Jobim and a 44-minute musical tribute to him, Remembering Tom Jobim, from our radio broadcast on the tenth anniversary of his death, December 8, 2004... Read more

Here are other special features:
Interview with Antonio Adolfo
The story of Mas que Nada
Paula Morelenbaum interview

Artist Profiles are biographical sketches of Brazilian musicians and composers – and other artists noted for performing Brazilian music. They are listed in alphabetical order by first name... Read more

May 15, 1940 – Oscar Castro-Neves
May 17, 1963 – Gerhard Hetzendorfer
May 18, 1954 – Jaques Morelenbaum
May 19, 1929 – Johnny Alf
May 21, 1962 – Roberto Frejat
May 23, 1908 – Sílvio Caldas
May 23, 1928 – Rosemary Clooney
May 24, 1958 – David Ganc
May 25, 1926 – Miles Davis
May 26, 1930 – Sivuca
May 27, 1926 – Bud Shank
May 28, 1913 – Cyro Monteiro
May 28, 1946 – Cláudio Roditi
May 31, 1948 – Paulinho da Costa
June 1, 1941 – Robertinho Silva
June 4, 1948 – Paquito D'Rivera
June 5, 1941 – Erasmo Carlos
June 5, 1948 – Sérgio Abreu
June 9, 1943 – Kenny Barron
June 10, 1931 – João Gilberto
June 10, 1950 – Guinga
June 13, 1963 – Julie Koidin
June 16, 1945 – Ivan Lins
June 17, 1939 – Geraldo Ribeiro
June 17, 1946 – Arthur Verocai
June 18, 1946 – Maria Bethânia
June 19, 1944 – Chico Buarque
June 19, 1955 – Edelton Gloeden
June 21, 1932 – Lalo Schifrin
June 21, 1950 – Almir Chediak
June 21, 1952 – Kimson Plaut
June 22, 1936 – Hermeto Pascoal
June 28, 1915 – Garoto
June 29, 1946 – Gilberto Gil
June 29, 1960 – Tony Bellotto
July 1, 1946 – Alceu Valença
July 1, 1967 – Marisa Monte
July 6, 1948 – Toquinho
July 8, 1948 – Márcio Montarroyos

Michel Nirenberg, Retrato/Portrait
Retrato/Portrait CD cover.
01 – Chorinho em aldeia/Na glória
02 – À deux
03 – Forró from the south
04 – Beatriz
05 – Caravan
06 – Desvairada
07 – Menina de avental
08 – Lonely
09 – Samba da Virgínia
10 – Santa Morena
11 – Bonus track: Forró from the south 2
Read more

Sambeleza, Sambeleza Live!
Sambeleza Live! CD cover.
01 – Madalena
02 – Só tinha de ser com você
03 – Chega de saudade
04 – Corcovado
05 – Da licença
06 – Estate
07 – Batida diferente
08 – Wave
09 – A rã
10 – Blame destiny
11 – One note samba
12 – Só danço samba
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Antonio Adolfo, Tema
Tema CD cover.
01 – Alegria for all (Joy for all)
Original: Bate o pé
02 – Natureza (Nature)
03 – Phrygia Brasileira
04 – SamboJazz
05 – Alem mares (Beyond seas)
06 – São Paulo express
07 – Todo dia (Everyday)
08 – Trem da serra (Hillside train)
09 – Melos
10 – Variations on a tema triste
Original: Tema triste
Read more

Nicole, Raízes/Roots
Raízes/Roots CD cover.
01 – Com saúde (Abi gezunt)
02 – Passarinho (Shlof mayn feigele)
03 – Quem que sobra (Ver vet blaybn)
04 – Batatas (Bulbes)
05 – No escuro (In der fintster)
06 – Ave dourada (Goldene pave)
07 – Chuva (Ven der regn zipt in droysn)
08 – Dois músicos (Yidl mitn fidl)
09 – Talvez (Zol zayn)
10 – Ontem (S'lz nito kein nekhtn)
11 – Cantando por um mundo melhor (Singing for a better world/Sholem lid)
12 – Nova dança (Der nayer sher)
13 – Bonus: Batatas (Bulbes) remix
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Hamilton de Holanda, World of Pixinguinha
World of Pixinguinha CD cover.
01 – Naquele tempo
02 – Lamentos
03 – Agradecendo
04 – Canção da odalisca
05 – Um a zero
06 – Ingênuo
07 – Rosa
08 – Seu Lourenço no vinho
09 – Benguelê
10 – Yaô
11 – Capricho de Pixinguinha
12 – Carinhoso
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Phill Fest, That's What She Says
That's What She Says CD cover.
01 – Meu pai
02 – Chora baião
03 – That's what she says
04 – Frajola
05 – De conversa em conversa
06 – Guararapes
07 – Triste
08 – Choro No. 1
09 – Estamos aí
10 – Tchau for now
Read more

Simone Sou, Guilherme Kastrup & Benjamim Taubkin, Sounds of Life
Sounds of Life CD cover.
01 – Pifaiada
02 – Gota d'água
03 – Choro Bororo
04 – Improviso (e o que veio depois)
05 – O tocador
06 – Mozambik bembe
07 – Fábrica de sapos
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Duduka Da Fonseca Trio, Jive Samba
Jive Samba CD cover.
01 – Jive samba
02 – Lucky southern
03 – Sco's bossa
04 – Recorda me
05 – Peresina
06 – Clouds
07 – Pensativa
08 – Speak like a child
09 – El gaucho
10 – Samba Yantra
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Nilson Matta, East Side Rio Drive
East Side Rio Drive CD cover.
01 – Sertão
02 – Verde
03 – Boogie stop shuffle
04 – Blue in green
05 – Ê menina (Hey girl)
06 – Mojave
07 – Proêmio do Mingus
08 – Luas de Nadine
09 – Ângela
10 – Mambo inn
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David Feldman, piano
piano CD cover.
01 – Primavera
02 – Conversa de botequim
03 – Chobim
04 – O latido do cachorro
05 – Intro/ Sliding ways
06 – Bad relation
07 – Tristeza de nós dois
08 – Tetê
09 – Esqueceram de mim no aeroporto
10 – Sabiá
Read more

Carol Saboya, Antonio Adolfo, and Hendrik Meurkens, Copa Village
Copa Village CD cover.
01 – The girl from Ipanema/ Garota de Ipanema
02 – Copa village
03 – Show de bola
04 – O boto
05 – Como de fosse
06 – Água de beber
07 – Pois é
08 – Pretty world
09 – Two kites
10 – Nosso mundo
11 – Visão
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Hamilton de Holanda, Caprichos
Harry Allen's All-Star Brazilian Band, Flying Over Rio
Laura Dreyer, Vida. Arte. Amor.
Gabriel Espinosa & Hendrik Meurkens, Samba Little Samba
SpokFrevo Orquestra, Ninho de Vespa
Phil DeGreg & Brasilia, Brazilian People
Ricardo Silveira, Ricardo Silveira Organ Trio
Bebel Gilberto, Tudo
Mike Marshall & Choro Famoso, Segunda Vez
Sherie Julianne, 10 Degrees South
Hendrik Meurkens & Misha Tsiganov, Junity Duo & Quartet
Fabiana Passoni, Let Your Love Rise
Benjamim Taubkin, Al Qantara/ The Bridge
Clarice Assad, Imaginarium
Trio Três Pontos, Três Pontos...
Antonio Adolfo, Rio, Choro, Jazz...
Charlie Dennard, From Brazil to New Orleans
Rozina Pátkai, Você e Eu
Paulinho Garcia, Beautiful Love

Here are 66 more New Releases from 2011 to 2013. Click on a title to read about the album and listen to a sample track... Read more
Singer, guitarist and composer Joyce Moreno and her band are touring North America. Members of the band are Hélio Alves on piano, Joyce Moreno. Joyce Moreno Rodolfo Stroeter on bass, and Tutty Moreno on drums. Here are the remaining tour dates and venues: June 30 at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Montreal, Canada; for more information, the website is And July 9-12 at the Jazz Standard... Read more

Brazilian singer Kenia and her jazz trio will perform 7:00-9:00 pm every Thursday night, now through July 30, at Franco's Italian Restaurant, 8 Brilliant Ave., Aspinwall, PA. For more information, the phone number is (412) 408-3695. Kenia's website is

Jazz singer Dianne Reeves and Brazilian guitarist Romero Lubambo are on a European Dianne Reeves. Dianne Reeves tour July 4-21. Here are the dates. July 4 at the Love Supreme Jazz Festival in Lewes, East Sussex, England; July 5 at JazzTM in Timisoara, Romania; July 7 at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland; July 9 at Jazz Open Stuttgart at the Schloplatz in Stuttgart, Germany; July 11 at the Koncerthuset in Copenhagen, Denmark; July 12 at the North Sea Jazz Festival... Read more

The New Haven, Connecticut-based Brazilian jazz group, Sambeleza, has announced a series of concert and nightclub Sambeleza. Sambeleza
Luciana McClure
Lucy Q Photography
performances in Connecticut to celebrate the release of the band's first album, Sambeleza Live! Members of the band are São Paulo native Isabella Mendes on piano and vocals, Brazilian specialist Joe Carter on guitar, and jazz bassist Jeff Fuller. The trio is joined by guest artists Ali Ryerson on flute, Adriano Santos on drums, and Zé Maurício on percussion. Here are the remaining dates in the tour schedule: July 12... Read more

Trio da Paz will perform July 19-25 at Jazz Port Townsend at the McCurdy Pavillion, Trio da Paz. Trio da Paz Fort Worden State Park, in Port Townsend, WA. The Trio is Romero Lubambo (guitar), Nilson Matta (bass) and Duduka Da Fonseca (drum). For more information, the website is The Trio will also perform August 18-23 at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola... Read more

Brazilian jazz guitarist and composer Flávio Barba has launched a new project called Jazz4Music. Every month, he Jazz4Music. invites different musicians playing Brazilian music, jazz and pop to make a new video of a song, recorded live. The videos are presented on the Jazz4Music youtube channel. Two recordings are already online: Milton Nascimento's Canção do Sal (Salt Song) features Flávio Barba, Giba Favery, Ary Holland, Nilton Leonard, Marcos Eiras, and Helio Ishitani... Read more

Brazilian bassist Nilson Matta will be a faculty member at the Litchfield Jazz Camp, Nilson Matta. Nilson Matta July 12-17, at the Canterbury School in New Milford, Connecticut. For more information, visit Nilson is also the Artistic/Music Director for the Samba Meets Jazz Workshops July 26-31 and August 2-7 in Bar Harbor, Maine. For more information, visit Read more

Here are 90 albums we recommend from the world of music beyond Brazil: Perry Beekman, S'Wonderful: Perry Beekman Sings and Plays Gershwin;
S'Wonderful: Perry Beekman Sings and Plays Gershwin CD cover. In Jerusalem CD cover. Rumberos a Montón CD cover.
Mark Weinstein, In Jerusalem; Nils Fischer & Timbazo, Rumberos a Montón; Steve Johns, Family; Edsel Gómez, Road to Udaipur; Dawan Muhammad, Consider the Source; Frankye Kelly, Swingin' Blue; Pedro Giraudo Big Band, Cuentos; Chris Washburne & The SYOTOS Band, Low Ridin'; Dave Stryker, Messin' with Mister T; Rachel Caswell, All I Know: Duets with Dave Stryker and Jeremy Allen; Kevin Stout & Brian Booth, Color Country; Pascalito Neostalgia Trio, Citizen Chanteur Live in NYC; Pascalito Neostalgia Quartet, Forbidden Colours Live Bennett Session; Hot Club of the Americas, Federico Britos presents Hot Club of the Americas; Dawan Muhammad/Billy Higgins Sextet, Smoke Signal; Calvin Keys, Close Enough for Love;... Read details and hear sample tracks

Randy Morse produced and hosted the weekly radio program The Best of Brazil from 1999 through 2010. Many of the features from the program are archived here, organized by category and broadcast date... Read more

Here are links to the websites of 365 bands and musicians, listed in alphabetical order by first name.
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